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The Death of the Lionheart:

One of these numerous conflicts provoked by the revolt of the Viscount of Limoges brought Richard to Limousin in 1199. A story of a mysterious treasure served as a pretext for the invasion, but it would appear to be legendary, part of the myth that took over the story of the death of Richard the Lionheart. He invaded the Viscounty and reached the area of the Monts de Châlus with an army consisting of various mercenaries. In March 1199 he came to Châlus and laid siege to the castle of Châlus Chabrol. While he was inspecting the camp, an archer, a knight we know to be called Pierre Basile, shot him in the shoulder with a bolt from a crossbow. Impossible to remove, the metal point caused an infection that turned gangrenous. King Richard the Lionheart died on 9 April 1199 on the road to Poitiers, his mother, Eleanor of Aquitaine, by his side.