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The Monts de Châlus and the Middle Ages: the heritage of the Monts de Châlus

Medieval history, in particular the presence of Richard the Lionheart, has left its mark on the identity and heritage of the Monts de Châlus. Feudalism brought with it the building of numerous castles by landholding lords both great and small. Several of these castles are still visible and their rich history only reinforces their attraction, although very few, in fact, are contemporary with Richard the Lionheart.

The most remarkable are the castle of Montbrun, in the commune of Dournazac, and the two castles facing each other in Châlus. Although not contemporary with Richard, there is also the castle at Les Cars which, at the end of the Middle Ages and during the Renaissance, belonged to one of the most prestigious noble families of the region, the Pérusses of Les Cars. Even if their residence was largely destroyed during the revolution, some interesting remains are still visible and worth a visit.

There are also the ruins of an imposing stronghold at Courbefy in the Commune of Bussière-Galant. A possession of the powerful Géraud de Maulmont and destroyed in the 17th century, there are still some extensive remains that bear witness to its past power. Nearby, there are three “Bonnes Fontaines” (Holy Springs) among the most well known in Limousin. History, religion and myth meet at this exceptional site as they do throughout the historic area of the Monts de Châlus.